Hidden in this book is what you need to do to make money from your ideas and 'Brain Children'

  • Are you that individual who receives only thank yous and clap offerings for the services you render?
  • Are you that professional who believes there is more to their life than their current status?
  • Are you frustrated that with all the efforts+ you bring on board, you’re still poor?


In this book, you will know:

  • Why you are highly resourceful but broke
  • Why people pick your brain for free and don’t pay a dime
  • How to begin to make money from what you do for free
  • How to be extremely visible to attract your ideal customer
  • How to leverage influencers to earn more
  • How to use the digital space to grow exponentially
  • The exact products and services you should develop
  • How to get your skills, ideas and talents to earn you money
  • How to sell everyday
  • Why your location may be a problem
  • Why you shouldn’t undermine village people


This Book will not ask you to stop doing things for FREE, however, it will show you how you can earn a FEE from what you do for FREE so you can do more things for FREE


What People Are Saying

In this Book, Niyi shows how possible it is for you to earn a fee from what you do for free. "How To Earn A Fee From What You Do For Free" is practical and rich in value.
Elisha Mamman
Convener, the Winning Mindset
This book is full of the know-how you need to make this a reality for you. Niyi Soyinka shared his own life’s experiences through his 4D framework to help you become that extraordinary person who doesn’t just know their purpose and live fulfilled but profits while at it. This book will transform your life. You can take my word for it."
Dr Samuel Ekundayo
Auckland, New Zealand
Life is a trade. Life is the exchange of values. Mr Niyi Soyinka dissects this profound truth in what he eloquently calls the 4Ds - Discover, Develop, Deploy and Duplicate. This growth hack will engineer a shift in your mind and launch you into a remarkable future. Read and Excel.
Apeh Harrison Iwodi
Minds Group | Purple Foundation

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What Other People Are Saying

"I've read quite a number of books on the subject of 'profiting from your passion' but none is as balanced and based on rock solid principles that work like this one. I guarantee you, this book will transform your life for good - especially your finances."
Emmanuel Ahmadu
Founder, Leaders Manna Network
Simply put, Niyi exposes with clarity and simplicity, the ABCs of monetising one’s hustles. The author writes from a practical point of view and magically leads the reader through an interesting journey of self-actualisation and career fulfilment. It is a must-have for anyone seeking practical ways of making decent earnings from his talent/calling while maintaining BALANCE.
Dr Shehu Shamsudeen
CEO, Ambuvets Konsult
HOW TO EARN A FREE FROM WHAT YOU DO FOR FREE is a BALANCED book that guides you on the exact steps to take to live a fulfilled life such that generations yet unborn would even benefit from you living your life of purpose. How interesting it will be to earn a fee for what you would joyously do for free, that is the height of content and financial fulfillment I tell you.
Seun Robinson

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