What can you see? (Part 3)

What can you see? (Part 3)


  1. It is a mental picture of a desirable future
  2. It is your purpose in graphics (your purpose in 3-D)
  3. It is foresight based on insight with the benefit of hindsight
  4. It is the art of seeing the invisible

See, sight is the function of the eyes, vision is the function of the mind.

The poorest person on earth is a person without a vision.

God loves visioneers. In fact, all we see in creation is a product of his vision.

Benefits of having a vision:

  1. Direction
  2. Decision making
  3. Defines you (defines what you will/will not do)
  4. Develops you (empowers people and help focus their efforts)
  5. Discipline (you don’t do everything)

If you lack vision:

  1. Your life will lack direction because vision is the key to direction
  2. People perish for lack of vision

One word on Vision/Mission Statement:

A vision statement is a declaration of your objectives based in certain foresight. It tells us what we want to do (and not do), why we are here while mission statement tells us ‘what we are into or what we are for or how we intend getting the vision’

What is your vision statement? 

Please note:  Your vision statement is not your vision, Okay? But an aspect of your vision.

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