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‘Niyi Soyinka, ‘The Success Catalyst’ as he is fondly called is a polymath. He is a Life, Leadership & Business Coach, Trainer and Consultant. He is the Lead Strategist at BIGshot Consulting Ltd., a human resource development firm.

He is also a Radio Host, Motivational Speaker and Nation Builder. Niyi is a Chartered Personnel Manager and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute Personnel Management (CIPM) as well as the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM).

Niyi holds an MBA with a specialty in Human Resource Management.


Push Beyond Limits

Public Speaking Masterclass

Build your confidence, enforce growth, and become a profitable through public speaking and effective communication

Why Sit We Here Till We Die

Re-think, Re-tool, and Re-Invent yourself through Time-tested information from resourceful leaders

Radio Programs

Streams of Wisdom with Niyi Soyinka Sundays, 12.30pm - Invicta Fm Wednesdays, 9.45am - KASU Fm

Resources For You

Strategic Alliances

Building Life Changing Relationships

Why Businesses Fail

And What You Must (Not) Do

Success Systems

Laws/Principles of Success


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